Medi-Caps Innovation and Incubation Center


12/12 2020

My Story- Motivational Session by Successful Inventor

MIIC in collaboration with the e-Cell of Medi-Caps University, Indore organized a webinar on “My Story- Motivational Session by Successful Innovator.” It was presided over by Mr. Varun Raheja, Director at Raheja Solar Food Processing Pvt. Ltd., Indore. The session peddled the idea of thriving in this dynamic industry. The business experience of our speaker inspired the budding entrepreneurs to turn their start-up ambitions into reality.

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10/11 2020

Marketing Of Innovation

MIIC in association with the e-Cell of Medi-Caps University, Indore organized a webinar on "Marketing of Innovation." The amalgamation of bright, innovative ideas into the general marketing concepts like focusing on risk management and optimization of resources was the key takeaway of this webinar.

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25/10 2020

Instagram Series 2.0

The focal takeaway of this activity is to make people aware about the myriad of start-ups and MNCs growing all across the globe and to help them learn about their paths to success. The readers connect with it and follow their trails to transform their own dreams into impeccable realities. It also promoted collaborative team work, how like-minded, creative brains come together and implement innovative thoughts.

24/10 2020

Workshop on Git and Git-hub

The main priority of this workshop was to make beginners familiar with the workings of repositories, pull requests, clone, forking etc. The workshop covered many other topics as well, such as information about the open-source and its communities. The attendees were also made aware of Hacktoberfest, which is a month-long celebration of open-source software in partnership with Git-hub.

21/10 2020

Induction Program

Brief introduction about the MIIC and highlighting the perks of joining the same. It focused on bringing young minds together, to help them shape their career paths, honing their existing skills and developing new ones, which would eventually help them in their growth.

20/10 2020

Accelerator Program

This program was launched to hire budding talents to work with various start-ups and to help students experience the professional world from proximity.

16/10 2020


MIIC started this program to help students come up with new ideas and start-ups and to inculcate the habits of ideation and innovation in them. The programme also helped students to be a part of various Incubation Projects so that they can test out their skills in the right environment.

12/10 2020

Ideation 2.0 Beta

MIIC in association with the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) undertook this program to inspire students, researchers and entrepreneurs to come up with innovative ideas that benefit society, giving them a chance to win a Grant-in-Aid of 15 Lakh if their ideas had the potential to positively impact society.

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02/10 2020

Student Team

MIIC enables start-ups for a profitable exit from the incubator by assisting them in every way possible. MIIC also helps students to hone their skills and prepares them to face the conglomerate world. The recruitment drive for MIIC proceeded for three days, in which MIIC recruited students from various departments.

19/09 2020

Fest Aarambh 2020

A three-day event, in collaboration with e-Cell, that included competitions like CSS with pen, hackathon along with the other activities. It played a pivotal role in bringing college students together, in the midst of adapting to the new normal, to a platform to connect and learn, and nurture their careers in their respective ecosystems.

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01/09 2020

Campus Ambassador Program

This program aims to give the students an opportunity to become the face of MIIC at our campus. This is an excellent opportunity for those who are determined to expand the Student Entrepreneur Community and wish to inculcate organizing and management capabilities along with professionalism in themselves.

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04/07 2020

Instagram Series 1.0

A series of posts that aimed to share knowledge about various start-ups and MNCs and talk about their journey towards success. Reference links were provided for people to get more access to the information.

07/05 2020

Ideation 2.0 Alpha

MIIC in collaboration with MSME undertook the program to bring students, researchers and entrepreneurs together who had the potential to ideate and innovate ideas beneficial for the society. With a Grant-in-Aid of 15 Lakh, it helped them implement their ideas to solve problems and leave a positive impact in our society.

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26/02 2020

Expert Lecture

A very informative and enlightening guest lecture was conducted by the MIIC which was given by the Assistant Director of MSME Indore. The lecture enhanced the attendee's knowledge about entrepreneurial tactics and gave them the confidence to innovate and ideate.

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05/02 2020

Web Designing Workshop

A web designing workshop was organized by MIIC, to make students familiar and comfortable with the world of web design and development, including skills as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

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25/01 2020

Ideas For New India Challenge 2020

Under the government initiative, entrepreneurs were encouraged to come up with innovative solutions for new India. The selected ideas were also provided funding support up to Rs 15 Lakh per approved ideas, through the business incubators chosen by them.

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21/01 2020

Logo Designing Competition

MIIC organized a logo/poster designing competition to find the perfect visual that would represent the Innovation and Incubation Center.

20/09 2019

Accelerator Program

New talents were provided a head-start for their successful career by working on different start-ups, through this program. It helped them explore the entrepreneurial world through a broader canvas.

29/08 2019


To promote start-ups, an interactive seminar that engaged participants as to why educational innovators need to focus on both innovation and moving innovation that work to scale was organized.

29/08 2019

Ideation 1.0 Beta

MIIC in association with the MSME undertook this program. It invited students, researchers and entrepreneurs to come up with innovative ideas that benefit society. A Grant-in-Aid of 15 Lakh was awarded to those whose ideas influenced the society positively, and helped it evolve for the better.

17/08 2019


Through the recruitment drive, that proceeded for three days, MIIC recruited students from various departments who had a penchant for ideation and promoting start-ups. MIIC continues to enhance the skills of these bright minds

18/04 2019

Ideation 1.0 Alpha

MIIC in association with the MSME undertook the program to inspire students, researchers and entrepreneurs to come up with thoughtful and innovative ideas that solves problems and create a positive influence. A Grant-in-Aid of 15 Lakh was awarded to the ones whose ideas benefited the society.

16/04 2019

Idea Generation Program

Under this program, the students who wished to be part of Incubation Projects, or launch their own start-ups were hired. These students explored the business world through a closer lens and helped with the promotion of start-ups.

21/01 2018


The Medi-Caps Innovation and Incubation Center (MIIC) was established with the formation of faculty team members and establishing rules and regulations and then further recruitment of student members.