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What do we Incubate?

MIIC provides an interactive and safe environment for learning and experimenting. A broad network of educators, angel investors and legal workers help in easing the process and help Incubatees to focus on ideas and work towards its further development. A great pool of knowledge to access and a bunch of resources to utilize. We work on building a link with business eco-system for a more creative result-driven outcome.


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About Us

Medi-Caps Innovation and Incubation Center (MIIC) enables start-ups for a successful exit from the incubator by assisting in external fund-raising, custom acquisition, etc. Leverage R&D infrastructure to create technology and innovation-based start-up companies.


Ideation is one of the basic processes which must be shown the right path. Connecting the problem of the society with its need will create a successful enterprise.


Innovation needs knowledge, hence exposing the students to technological education will bring out innovation. This helps the students to identify the core areas where they can relate their studies with innovation.


Medi-Caps Innovation and Incubation Center provides a unique platform for the students to take their ideas to the next level. Mentorship and technical expertise will help the students to mould their ideas into successful products.


Innovation Lab

Innovation must not hinder due to inadequate environment. We make sure that the innovator gets access to the state-of-the-art laboratories with prototyping and testing facilities.

Internship Pool

Our team supports growing start-ups by providing workshops, training and one of the most important industrial internship programmes to the budding entrepreneurs.


The start-ups get funding from the various esteemed organizations including government organizations and we make sure that the innovator gets training and support.

Documentation Support

Documentation ameliorates the impression of a product or a brand. Our team helps the start-up with proper documentation that is essential to acquire the required fundings from various organizations.


For start-ups, handling taxes can be an uphill battle. We provide guidance for Tax-Exemption and scaling the start-up idea with proper resources. Thus, helping in reduction of liabilities and increasing the scope for investment in other resources.


One-to-One Mentorship with experienced mentors who provide complete guidance and support can help start-ups kickstart their growth and also empowers them in personal development.


Why choose us?

  • Profound Educators

    Mentorship by educators all over India, efficiently. The start-ups which intend to learn hacks for ensuring their work to grow faster in the right direction are guided by some of the most renowned and profound experts in various fields.

  • Encouraging the start-ups to grow further with labs for carrying their work forward. We provide an agile environment for your R&D setup within the given limits and drive it towards finding the best product-market fit.

  • During initial phases, the investors tend to back-off and do not agree to take risks in funding a raw idea, but we showcase the idea in front of angel investors and leave them unconcerned about the financial barrier.


For any ideas, innovations or queries, feel free to contact us. We'd love to connect with you and help you mould your ideas into successful products.


Medi-Caps University, Pigdamber, Rau, Indore (453331)

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